NCAA Basketball BettingAre you ready to bet on college basketball this season?  Here at we are committed to providing visitors with the best information to help you get started betting on college basketball online and hopefully making a profit doing so.  Check out our recent free picks or our list of college hoops betting tips to improve your betting bottom line.

The college basketball season begins in November and lasts until Final Four weekend in early April.  Over these 5 months a lot of college basketball games are played and available to be wagered on.  Check out our college basketball sportsbook reviews to find out where you can get in on the action.  Our reviews aren’t generic like many other sites, but instead are tailored towards college basketball bettors to give you the most insight into which online bookie is right for you.

#1 College Basketball Sportsbook

This site is very much focused around March Madness. If you want to bet on basketball during the regular season, we suggest you visit another site. We like to recommend Basketball Betting, which can be found at They have the best Euroleague, Eurocup and NBA odds from various sportsbooks.

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College Basketball Betting

In college basketball there are a ton of games throughout the season because there are so many teams in a wide variety of conferences.  With so many games taking place in just a few months you can find a bunch of games to bet on.  That being said the trick to being a winning bettor is to be patient throughout the season and only bet on games when you feel you have an edge over the sportsbook.  There are a great deal of bets you can make on college basketball games, but the two most common would have to be spread betting and money line betting.

Spread Betting

In basketball the spread is meant to put the teams on an even playing field by giving the lower ranked team a points handicap.  This is especially important in college basketball where the skill difference between two teams can be significant.  Lets look at an quick example to explain in more detail what spread betting is:

Syracuse -9.5 (-110)
Seton Hall +9.5  (-110)

In this example Syracuse is 9.5 point favourites over Seton Hall in a Big East match up.  This means that Syracuse must win the game by 10 or more points for a spread bet on Syracuse to payout, while Seton Hall must either win the game or lose by 9 or fewer points for a wager on them to payout.  The typical betting line for spread bets in basketball is -110 (this is often -105 at 5Dimes with the reduced juice).

Money Line Betting

Money line betting is very straight forward.  You simply bet on which team you think will win.  Of course the favourite will payout less for the same wager than the underdog would.

Syracuse -300
Seton Hall +260

In this example a $300 wager on Syracuse would win $100 for a $400 total payout, while a $100 wager on Seton Hall would win $260 for a $360 total payout.  Needless to say Syracuse are pretty big favourites in this example.

Other College Basketball Bets

There are many prop bets you can make on college basketball games as well, especially during March Madness.  One of the most popular college basketball bets would have to be wagering on which team will win the NCAA championship.  This line is available throughout the entire season and the odds will update depending on the success of the teams.  If you are able to hit the eventual champion you will get a big payday!

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